Neighborhood Installation

Yesterday we completed a huge installation @ Neighborhood restaurant downtown.  The owner had Woolly Pockets installed and wanted to replace his live plants with permanent botanicals (a.k.a. silk or artificial flowers). I know most people scoff at the idea of silk flowers but that is because they have only seen the terrible 80’s style arrangements in their grandma’s bathroom (not my grams!) or the decor at Country Waffles (no offense). If that was my only frame of reference, I would hate artificial flowers too! Fortunately, silk flower vendors are offering better, more realistic product more & more now and I had the opportunity to select some very cool silks for this gig. The Woolly Pockets were installed horizontally on the upper walls of the restaurant. They are up very high (12ft? I dunno–I had to borrow their GIANT ladder!) and the maintenance for live plants was not practical. Black Lotus to the rescue!!! Diane & I installed a silk arrangement into each one of the 18 pockets and they all flow beautifully and the colors and plants pop! We even did a little tribute to beer over the bar by dangling balls of hops!

Neighborhood is a hip, urban restaurant in East Village. They have yummy lunch & dinner menus and a massive selection of craft beers on tap! And, how can I not love a place that has a framed painting of Jesus eating a burger and a jackalope mounted on the wall!!!  I have not eaten there yet, but I have eaten at their sister restaurant Craft & Commerce in Little Italy and I was blown away not only by the crazy-delicious food, but by the amazing service too! Go to these awesome eateries! Eat, drink & be merry…and check out our permanent botanicals in the rafters @ Neighborhood!!!

P.S. I need my husband, the professional photographer, to go back and photograph these when the lights are on and the bar is illuminated with its beautiful coppery/orange lights!

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