Orchids & Onions Nomination!!!

Wellie, well, well…it’s 9 months since installation and I’m still riding on the Chairman Mao train. Incredible! Yesterday morning I received possibly the BEST email to ever be received in the history of the interwebs on a Monday morning!

Pauly De Bartolo of de bartolo + rimanic design studio {dbrds} wrote to tell me that he nominated Mao for an Orchid, as in Orchids & Onions from the San Diego Architectural Foundation!!! Whaaaaaat?!?!?!? Maybe it’s cliche to say “it’s an honor just to be nominated”, but it’s 100% TRUE!!! Just check out the other nominees and you’ll see why I am completely humbled & appreciative of such a prestigious nomination. Thank you, Pauly!!!


Click this link to view my nomination:



Click here to view other nominees and the Orchids & Onions website:



Finally, I highly recommend visiting the de bartolo + rimanic studio website to catch a glimpse of the talent & skill of Mao’s nominator (that’s a word!), Pauly:




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