Exquisite Weddings Cover 2014 & Some Sweet Sweet Blog Lovin’

So happy to finally see this vivid & flawless Half Full Photography Exquisite Weddings cover shot!!! On newsstands now! Go! Get it! Wait! Read this first, then GO! My incredibly hardworking friends, Joey & April Bertocchini, are responsible for this jaw-dropper. I’m so happy that their image got the February 2014 cover of Exquisite Weddings, so that I could ride their coattails to the top and get my 2nd Exquisite Weddings cover! This shot & collaboration will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first time I worked with them & it was the start of a wonderful friendship. I’m so grateful for their talent & skill and I’m truly fortunate to know them outside the crazy world of weddings. I <3 them, if you couldn’t tell. Extra special THANK YOU to Regina Osgood @ Meant 2 Be Events & Lana Bogan @ Arc de Belle for assembling such a fan-freaking-tastic team! :*And as if that wasn’t enough of a love fest, another Half Full Photography & Black Lotus Design collaboration, a wedding this past October, was featured on the Exquisite Weddings Blog this week!!! Our beautiful couple, Shawn & Sarah, had such an amazing perspective on their wedding planning process. Do It Together (DIT)! They had friends and family willing to help, so they put them all to work and created an intimate, personalized, fun backyard wedding. Click the blog link above or image below to see more Half Full images of this sweet wedding. Thank you, Sarah & Shawn, for choosing us to add to to the beauty of your wedding day. And thanks again to Exquisite Weddings for all of the LOVE during this month of LOVE! You guys, 2014 is seriously starting off with a bang!!!


Backlogged Slacklogged & Coachella

So, I have been beyond a slacker with my blogging. It’s been over a year…so long, in fact, that brides have written to ask if I’m still in business. YES! Just too frickin’ busy for blogging! I recently had a very reassuring convo with my gal pal Katherine at Root 75 about the joys of motherhood of younger kiddos and concurrently being a small business owner and all that encompasses, namely, our blogging and the infrequency of said blogging. We truly have good intentions and wonderful, thoughtful posts in our minds, but rarely seem to make the time to do it between all the never-ending errands, emails, Kung Fu, projectile vomiting, homework, birthday parties, play dates, and on and on. I’m so grateful for all of these things, yes, even the projectile vomiting, but a little blogging time is rare. If it makes anyone feel any better, I’ve neglected my blogging as much as dating my husband (sorry, my <3!). Well, that stops now. Today, I’m making the time. The gym will wait for me. The fabric bomb that went off in my house for Halloween costumes will wait for me. Everything is on hold until this is done. And, after having one of the most amazing experiences of my career last week (I’ll save it for another post, hopefully not a year from now), I feel renewed and eager to blog again. Even if it is just with pictures for now.

4.7.13 Coachella. Thanks to my super talented, thoughtful & generous friend, Britton Neubacher at Tend Living, I was given the most auspicious honor of creating wedding florals for Chris WilsonThe Photographer/Creative Director for Band of Horses and his stunning bride, Dina. The Band were the groomsmen and were so damn gracious, genuine & sweet! Britt was the officiant and had all the guests mesmerized with her captivating vows. It was one for the records books, folks, a big ol’ fat love fest and I was lucky to be a part of it!  I was also fortunate enough to have my 2 amazing dudes come along with me for the ride & G was able to capture these gorgeous shots of the venue, Corona Yacht Club & some of my work during install. Get a load of these!

Breaking Bad

I’m still reeling & beaming from last night’s event. I had the honor of transforming SummerSalt, the rooftop bar & pool at Hotel Palomar into an homage to New Mexico and all things Breaking Bad, even down to my favorite detail, the faux “blue meth rocks”. When Benarroch Productions from L.A. contacted me about creating botanical decor for the Breaking Bad Season 5 screening & wrap party, I literally squealed and jumped up & down. I am a huge fan of the show and I was thrilled to have anything to do with it! I can’t begin to explain how rad & surreal it is to be involved in giving the cast & crew a proper send off after 5 mind-blowing seasons. I’m so, so grateful for Lynn Hochrine, Director of Catering at Hotel Palomar who recommended me for this gig, for my muscle-men, Garrett, Luis, Ross & Poppy, and to Benarroch Productions for letting me do what I love and love what I do (and for the awesome swag bag)! And as always, a ginormous amount of gratitude to my biggest fan & supporter, my talented and amazing photographer husband, G.

Garrett Eaton Photography


Orchids & Onions Nomination!!!

Wellie, well, well…it’s 9 months since installation and I’m still riding on the Chairman Mao train. Incredible! Yesterday morning I received possibly the BEST email to ever be received in the history of the interwebs on a Monday morning!

Pauly De Bartolo of de bartolo + rimanic design studio {dbrds} wrote to tell me that he nominated Mao for an Orchid, as in Orchids & Onions from the San Diego Architectural Foundation!!! Whaaaaaat?!?!?!? Maybe it’s cliche to say “it’s an honor just to be nominated”, but it’s 100% TRUE!!! Just check out the other nominees and you’ll see why I am completely humbled & appreciative of such a prestigious nomination. Thank you, Pauly!!!


Click this link to view my nomination:



Click here to view other nominees and the Orchids & Onions website:



Finally, I highly recommend visiting the de bartolo + rimanic studio website to catch a glimpse of the talent & skill of Mao’s nominator (that’s a word!), Pauly:




Exquisite Weddings Cover

Thanks to all who voted for my August couple, Conni & Clint, for the cover of Exquisite Weddings Magazine! THEY WON!!! This gorgeous shot from Photographs by Anjuli is the winner for the first ever Exquisite Cover Contest. Friends and fans alike voted for their favorite cover. See other lovely entries here! The issue will be on newsstands on April 7, 2012, so you can check out my stylish bride & groom & my vibrant orange bouquet on the cover! Congrats to everyone involved!